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Botanical Fruit Cordials


Fortified with Essential Oils & Aromatic Extracts


An energizing soft drinks option to bring back the verve & transform the way fizzy is served. Help yourself, your nearest & dearest, to our premium quality, unadulterated concentrates - just add sparkling water for a veritable delight!   Super strength for extra value, flowing with fruit extracts, yummy with none of the nasties - your career as a creative, conscious consumer starts here! You won't want to part with our pop-top flasks, the epitome of good taste & perfect for all the family.

Nectar of Kola

Nectar of Kola


A thirst-quencher to compete with the most celebrated. Laced with Kola nut to lightly lift the mood, potent plant extracts to promote wellbeing & real vanilla, the ultimate comforter. Sweet & guileless yet sharp served with a sliver & ice - truly original & naturally tasty.

Nectar of Orange

Nectar of Orange


A tribute to the King of citrus fruits, cultivated for centuries to whet the appetite with its vibrancy & tang. Aromatic essential oil & a hint of blood orange evoke the beauty of the fruit tree with its ripening booty. This tantalising take on a tabletop favourite will quash all idea of sipping elsewhere.

Nectar of Ginger

Nectar of Ginger


Fancy an instant ginger bevvy to jazz-up your repertoire? Just toot your soda syphon for all the flavour of a traditionally brewed ginger beer, as baobab & pear blend with two types of spicy stem. Why buy pre-mixed when you can choose your ideal strength & cocktail length?

Nectar of Lemon

Nectar of Lemon


The Brits may claim the gold cup for classic lemonade at the Cricket, sipped in the shade of an old oak,  yet the Italians surpass on sun-soaked citrus fruit & pleasures of the Palazzo. Here cultures coalesce, so be spontaneous – use our zesty treasure to create the ultimate refresher.

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