Zero Proof Liqueurs


Laced with Active Herbs - Premium Reserve


Sample our Delectable Doses, infused with botanical extracts. Crafted to tickle the taste buds of the Cocktail Cognoscenti; sophisticated but with party-crowd appeal.  Capturing an era of eccentric apothecaries and avant-garde artistes these potions are pure, clean indulgence with a splash of playfulness. Imbibe as shots or fortify your cocktail to spice-up life, soothe strife and strengthen resolve.

 Uplifting Elixir

‘For Waltzers, Groovers & Enthusers'


This distinctive tasting drink is pert & piquant with herbs, spice & root extracts. A stimulating pick-me-up to see you waltzing through Friday night, incite Saturday's shenanigans, and make Monday morning marvellous. With strengthening & enlivening effects stemming from an array of rare & rich plant derived ingredients.

Love Potion
'For Luscious Ladies

& Frisky Fellows'

This intriguing mélange of botanicals is bound to arouse interest. It’s a dose of harmless fun, frivolity & flavour that goes down well at a party or out on a date. Dark chocolate, citrus & blossom extracts blend with exotic fruit. The formula has been perfectly balanced to suit the male and female of the species.

Vital Aperitif

'For Heavenly Bodies

& Blithe Spirits'

A generous measure of our revitalising, refreshing, health-promoting herbal preparation will add dimension to your afternoon spree or evening jamboree. Drink neat,  on the rocks or enhance your homemade cocktails. Delight in fruit serum, fragrant fronds, spice & all things nice - an elevating entrée into the realm of restorative drinks.

Enjoy chilled in a shot glass or add to Cocktails for a delicious lift.
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