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Love Potion - Botanical Stimulating Drink.

This intriguing bottle of botanical booty is bound to arouse interest.  It’s a dose of harmless fun and frivolity with flowers, fruit and exotic extracts - perfectly balanced to fulfil the male and female of the species.


Ingredients: Spring Water, Botanical Glycerite (Glycerin, Galangal, Lemongrass, Kafir Lime Leaves, Thai Sweet Basil, Coriander, Mint, Chilli), Fruit Juice from Concentrate (Mango 31%, Passionfruit 23%, Lime 23%, Lemon 23%), Cocoa, Agave Nectar, Evaporated Coconut Blossom Nectar, Botanical Extracts* 5%, Coconut Milk Powder, Hydrosol (Rose, Jasmin, Neroli), Elderflower Infusion, Chicory Root, Vanilla Extract, Calcium Carbonate, Sunflower Lecithin, Sea Salt, Acacia Gum, Essential Oils (Lime, Basil, Chilli, Ginger, Coriander, Jasmin, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Balsam de Peru).



Botanical Extracts*: Violet, Maca Root, Cocoa, Horny Goat Weed, Goji Berry, Panax Ginseng, Damiana, Mucuna Pruriens, Eurocoma Longifolia, Tribulus Terrestris, Muira Puama, Oatstraw, Beetroot, Jobs Tears, Wild Yam, Gorgon Fruit, Fenugreek Seed, Asiatic Lily, Gingko Biloba, Saffron.​

Vital Aperitif Botanical Wellbeing Drink

Be Beguiled            Become Besotted            Stay Steadfast

Alcohol Free Drink

Alcohol Free Drink

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