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  • Are all of your drinks alcohol free?
    Yes. The products are all 'zero proof'. We use modern techniques that ensure our drinks are non-alcoholic yet achieve similar effects, naturally. For example we use organic acacia gum instead of alcohol to disperse our essential oils, and vegetable glycerites to extract and preserve our botanical ingredients.
  • Are these drinks calorie free?
    We have significantly reduced calories, particularly in the Nectars range, by using plant based sweeteners with negligible calorific value. These include organic stevia, erythritol and monk fruit. We never add refined sugar and always choose healthy alternatives such as fruit concentrates and agave.
  • Is there a suggested limit to consumption of these drinks?
    We would not recommend exceeding one 500ml bottle of elixir. The Elixirs are formulated to deliver an effective level of phytonutrients after 4 x 25ml shots. The kola nut, guarana and bocopa monieri in Uplifting Elixir, and cocoa in Love Potion are equivalent to 12mg caffeine per shot, so 10 shots should be considered equivalent to a large cup of filter coffee.
  • Are these drinks vegan?
    Yes, all of our prodocts are 100% plant based. We use coconut cream instead of dairy, and agave instead of honey.
  • Are these energy drinks?
    The Uplifting Elixir could be considered an energy drink in terms of its revitalising effect. However, it's comparatively low in caffeine, and contains a sophisticated herbal blend to achieve a naturally uplifting effect.
  • What's the best soda to use?
    The best value sparkling spring water can be found in supermarkets. A soda syphon is a more stylish option, especially if entertaining and the Fanatstical Botanical Soda Fountain will soon become available. We recommend using well chilled soda water to mix any of our drinks.
  • Will these also mix with alcohol and enhance my cocktails?
    Yes, all the drinks mix well with alcohol if that is your preference. They were formutated to help create drinks and cocktails that are bittersweet and aromatic - flavoursome and fulfilling enough to stand alone without alcohol. However, when alcohol is added, the flavour is further lifted, so everyone's a winner!
  • Is your packaging recyclable and eco friendly?
    Our Nectar bottles are premium quality, heavy glass flip-top vessels with fired on graphics, so beautiful you will want to use them again and again, hopefully with FB refill packs. There will be bulk pack options for the Elixirs and Essences too. All our glass bottles can be recycled at the end of their useful life. We are an ethical company, and endeavour to minimise our impact on the environment in all our processes.
  • Are there any nuts in your products?
    Our products are free from nuts, gluten, sesame, soya, celery, mustard, lupin. They are 100% plant-based.
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