Aromatic Cocktail Bitters


Enhanced with Citrus, Blossom & Spice


Inspired by traditional bitters but pepped-up with botanical bounty, a dash of our deliciously aromatic preparations will add extra flavour, potency and punch to the drink of the moment. Appealing to all palates, this trio captures the cream of diverse tastes and cultures. Cocktail essences for the true connoisseur, in guises never seen before. 

Essence of Siam


For long exotic nights, as the full moon illuminates enchanted islets – evoke the essence of a tropical nirvana through this blend of neat, replete drops of star anise, ginger & turmeric extract with enlivening bursts of lime & lemongrass.  So lush you will languish in a jungle haze, hear the waterfall & be transported to far-flung climes, sampling your freshly mixed cocktail laced with traditional tastes of Thailand. 

Essence of Serendip


A Jewel to crown your drinks cabinet: the opulence of a Maharaja's palace; the glamour of high-society from a bygone era; the savour of an endless summer; a passion for pungent seasoning - all are embodied in this potion. Fresh mint, mild chilli & coriander blend harmoniously with holy basil & Indian gooseberry. Create a cocktail to transcend time & place, creed & faith.

Essence of Albion


Picture a promenade with the ‘pommies’, a pause for refreshment framed by a rose-arbour. Cause a stir at Croquet on sunlit lawns, play to win at Piquet from dusk till dawn. Toast the toffs, then simply ‘quaff’ - be British yet chic, don’t be stiff: put some colour in your cheeks. Fruit, cheering spice and all things nice mingle with Echinacea, Astragalus & Wormwood. Feel at home in country pub or city hub with this interesting addition. 

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