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Botanical Fruit Cordial

Crushed Ginger with Turmeric & Essential Oils

Nectar of Ginger

Ingredients: Spring Water, Fruit Juice From Concentrate (Apple 37%, Grape 33%, Pear 23%, Lemon7%), Agave, Ginger Juice, Erythritol, Whole Crushed Sicilian Lemons, Botanical Extract (Acacia, Chicory, Baobab, Ginger, Turmeric, Monk Fruit, Black Pepper), Ginger Essential Oil.

Half fill a high ball glass with ice cubes. Splash with 50ml Nectar of Ginger. Fill to the brim with sparkling water. Top with a squeezed wedge of lemon & deseeded fresh chilli.


For ‘straight up’ ginger beer mix one part Nectar of Ginger to seven parts sparkling water.

Ginger Syrup

Ginger syrup for cocktails or use as a cordial.

Ginger Ingredients
Ginger Serves
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